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Copy of Milan Design Week Wall Decor by Decoartpiece

Disappearing Memory Series  project were shown as part of the Composed Exhibition during Ventura Lambrate 2015 Milan Design Week Apr 14-19, 2015 in Milan, Italy.


Disappearing Memory Series is a collection of visual images which captures a group of vintage elements that are fading out slowly in the cities. They recall our attention of disappearing cultures which being developed over years in a specific time and space.They capture the visual memory that is disappearing from the city as a result of modernization. The work aims to transfer the message that each old wall has its own character because every single texture and color contains a story. These patterns can recall an old memory or be interpreted as new memories by the viewer. These elements were forgetting from the modern society and eaten by the speedy modernization. The photos aims to transfer a message that each old wall has its own character and will never be the same, cause every single texture and colors behinds contains a story which leaves a blank space for people to think and to guess which carry the same as the abstract painting.


Hand Printed on Stainless Steel. The rich texture and layers on each panels are all hand printed and layering in a collage way to make each one as an unique art piece.

Ventura Lambrate  is one of the must-see design districts during the Milan Design Week which aspires to exhibit cross-disciplinary collaborations, processes and experiments that are part of the making of design projects, and fascinating conceptual ideas internationally. The main focus of the Ventura Projects is on creativity, content and experimentation.

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