Stool Art installation Reception

Modern  living room interior minimal style 3d rendering image

Stool Art installation Reception Project Decoartpiece

Modern living room decorate wall with wooden lattice 3d rendering image

Modern living room interior with black wall  minimal style 3d rendering image

Hand painted artwork on steel for wall lobby art installation inspired by Disappearing Memory Series. 36ft x 11ft -stainless steel encrusted sculpture in form and texture, constructed by various panels in different angles, lined with conceptual visual elements in positive forms and negative space such as points, dots, and lines. As panels get closer together they start to be seen as a single object. Their identity moves to that of the single object instead of the multiple identities of distinct objects, replaced by a new tension based on the appearance of depth. This resulting cluster of panels is in itself a new dot with a different form. It becomes specific to the point and the tension between the end point and the surrounding space is increased.

Artwork by Yan Fong

Decoartpiece to share vintage as luxury in a designer authentic view


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